All-in-one Diploma Support

Convenient yet secure,

Diploma ordering, production and delivery.


Convenient yet secure

Diploma ordering, production and delivery.


Why Diploma Support?

All-in-one diploma service

For universities and colleges

Convenience from ordering to delivery

Never having to sign yourself again

The entire logistic process secured

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Convenience in creation and ordering

Diploma Support offers a complete customized diploma service. Each educational institution has different requirements for preparing and ordering diplomas. Our specialists list all the requirements for the value documents. Each educational institution receives the personalized certificates error-free and in its own branding through an efficient online process.

A secure production process

Diploma Support guarantees a 100% fraud-proof process for generating personalized diplomas, grade sheets and related documents. Each document features advanced security measures. For example, the digital signature is embedded with a microtext. Leading value printer Royal Joh. Enschedé ensures reliability in every step of the process.

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Security online en offline verzenden afleveren Diploma Support Service

Online and offline delivery

Diploma Support ships the documents by secure transport to the desired location. It is predetermined who may accept the documents. Digitally secured copies are stored in the national diploma register and/or a local database.
Thus, the examination board is ready for all ceremonies in no time. Diploma Support takes care of the entire process from application to issuance.

Secure diplomas in just a few steps

100% secure personalized diplomas

Automation of formatting and signing

Ease with one efficient workflow

Time and cost savings

Unique design elements

Secure shipping and delivery

Highest security level

Every year, tens of thousands of students graduate. They receive their diploma along with a grade list in an elegant folder. Diploma Support facilitates this work for examination boards of universities and colleges.

With Diploma Support, you get a fast and secure way to generate, order and send all certificates online.

This partnership between Royal Joh. Enschede and software developer Prindustry provides the highest level of security for remote printing and signing of all diplomas. The documents are generated in a fully automated process and cannot be forged.

100% safe, customized and convenient!

A reliable and efficient workflow


Diplomas, inserts and an issuance process that meets the strictest security requirements.



Time and cost savings by creating, reviewing and signing documents online.

Unfalsifiable diplomas in a particularly efficient process

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